Niceroth Ibafarshan

Ability Score Mod Save
STR 17 +3 +2
DEX 14 +2 +0
CON 14 +2 +2
INT 8 -1 +0
WIS 10 +0 +0
CHA 11 +0 +0
  • HP: 14 (1D12+con)
  • Proficiency bonus: +2
  • Tools Proficiencies: Vehicles (Land)
  • AC: 10 + DEX 2 +2 CON= 14
Skill Ability Prof Mod
Acrobatics Dex +2
Animal Handling Wis +0
Arcana Int -1
Athletics Str * +3
Deception Cha +0
History Int -1
Insight Wis +0
Intimidation Cha * 0
Investigation Int -1
Medicine Wis +0
Nature Int -1
Perception Wis * +0
Performance Cha 0
Persuasion Cha 0
Religion Int -1
Sleight of Hand Dex +2
Stealth Dex +2
Survival Wis * +0
  • Languages: Common, Draconic
  • Lores: ?
  • Background Feature: Soldier Speciality: infantry
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • *


  • Great Axe
  • 2 hand axes
  • Explorers pack
  • Javalins
  • Trophy (piece of a red dragon claw)
  • Bone dice
  • Common clothes
  • belt pouch containing 10 gp

Class Features

  • Unarmoured Defense: 10 + dex + con. Can use a shield and keep this.
  • Rage 2 per day, +2 Dmg, Advantage on str checks and saving throws, resistance to bludgeoning, piercing and slashing dmg.


  • Big Freaking Axe: +3, 1d12+3 damage (slashing)
  • Hand Axe: +3, 1d6+3 damage (slashing), thrown (Range 20/60), light

Dragon born clan Atar has tended to Kalan Ra for many generations and most of the dragon born raised there share in her majestic golden hue. Niceroth Ibafarshan on the other hand is a deep rich red. Where those golden in colour mostly stick to the view point of kalan Ra, Niceroth feels that laws allow evil to exist in plain sight and allows those who need protection to be abused and forgotten.
From an early age Niceroth felt the pull to fight, to cleanse evil from the world. He believed that the path of the paladin was where his future laid and threw himself into the teachings. While his physical attributes allowed him to excel in combat he was never able to grasp the philosophy and theocracy needed to pass the initiation.
He was reassigned to the armed guards of the temple after numerous failings, He believed at this point that his future was over and the shame drove him into a deep melancholy, the only peace he felt at this time was when his only clutch friend Hudraer came to spend time with him.
His time in the guards was not a good one, he resented his position and the overbearing sergeants that was trying to mould him into a squad member. This led to Niceroth squad mates pulling pranks whenever they could, never enough to warrant punishment but just enough to force Niceroth to the brink of his self-control.
The end of his time at the barracks training ground came to a fiery conclusion after a prank that was set for him ended up hurting hudraer, while the prank would have left Niceroth with cuts scrapes and bruises it put Hudraer into hospital. After seeing the damage to his only friend, Niceroth stormed over to the sergeant demanding that he punishes those responsible. He was assured that an investigation would be started and those responsible would be punished.
No one came forward and no evidence could be found so the only thing the sergeant could do was doubling the latrine duty of those believed to be involved. When Niceroth found out that nothing would be done, he flew into a berserker’s rage attacking his squad mates. Shrugging of their blows while striking at those around him with clubs and wooden swords he put them all into hospital and all but killed the ring leader.
Niceroth was arrested for the attack and found guilty for his crimes he was removed from the guards and forced to make amens to those he hurt. The punishment was lenient as everyone knew of the circumstances surrounding the event, but Niceroth saw this as the height of injustice and the failing of laws to protect those that need it and to punish those who are guilty. He plans to leave the monastery when he can and vowed to travel to find a better way of living and to punish evil regardless of the law.

Master of arms Rugarth. A tall copper dragonborn, she is the head of the standing armed guards for the Clan Atar’s home stead. She took over Niceroths martial training when he was removed from the temple. She feels a lot of compassion and sympathy for Niceroth as she too wanted to be a paladin and has done everything she can to personally ease his transition from temple life.

Hudraer is a small but beautifully golden dragon born and clutch friend of Niceroth. He was the smallest and weakest of the clutch and Niceroth took upon his self to take care of him. Hudraer had no desire to join the temple and become a paladin or priest, but he joined the town guard to be with Niceroth and to help with control his rising anger and resentment for his current predicament.

Mesanth is a large brutish deep golden dragon born, Mesanth never wanted to be a paladin or work with the priests tending to Kalan Ra. But what he did like was fighting being the strongest and telling those smaller than him what to do. So it was only natural that he picked the armed guards as his career. At the time Niceroth was sent to the barracks Mesanth was squad leader and trying to gain the attention of Rugarth. He immediately disliked Niceroth as one he was bigger, two he was red, three he was better in combat and four he seemed to have the attention of Rugarth. He has made it his mission to get Niceroth to quit the guard and resume what he believes is his rightful place.


A member of the Atar clan at The Genesis Flames Monastery.

Niceroth Ibafarshan

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