Devoted to the philosopher-dragon Kalen Ra and determined to suvive


Level 7 – Monk – Way of Shadow

Ability Score Mod Save
STR 8 -1 +1
DEX 18 +4 +7
CON 14 +2 +2
INT 10 +0 +0
WIS 17 +3 +3
CHA 10 +0 +0
  • HP: 50
  • Proficiency bonus: +3
  • Tools Proficiencies: Drum, Stoneworking Tools, Herbalism Kit
  • AC: 10 + DEX 4 + WIS 3 + 2 bracers = 19
  • Initiative: +4
  • Speed: +45
  • Skill Proficiencies: Acrobatics (dex), Athletics (str), Insight (wis), Stealth (dex)
  • Languages: Common, Draconian
  • Lores: Medicine (Pathology), Monastery Lore (Genesis Flames)
  • Background Feature: Appreciated by good people who know of the order (will help with room and board, etc.)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (heading towards lawful good)


  • Spear
  • 10 darts
  • Drum
  • Herbalism kit
  • Pouch with 7 silver, 5 copper
  • Explorer’s Pack: backpack, bedroll, mess kit, tinderbox, 10 torches, 10 days of rations, waterskin, 50 foot hempen rope
  • Shaving kit (razor, soap, steel mirror)
  • Strong cord attached to spear
  • Cold weather clothing
  • Blankets
  • Manacles
  • Climbing stuff
  • Magical Handwraps: +1 to unarmed attack and damage
  • +2 bracers of defence

Class Features

  • Subclass: Way of Shadow
  • Special Bonus: Twilit – Once per long rest Ominakna can shift her subclass from the Way of Shadow to the Way of Illumination. It resets at the next long rest.


When Khenbish gave birth for the third time she and her beloved Ganzorig were overjoyed that this time the child lived. When the infant let out its first, hoarse cry however the dismay on the midwife’s face quickly smothered that joy. The village priest’s healing magic provided the child only short-term relief – and he declared the child to be a ravenchild; one that will only walk the world for a short time.

Ganzorig told the priest to fuck off, and left the village in search of other options. After nearly a year, a heartbreaking number of short term ‘cures’, and many more ‘fuck off’s later they found their way to a well-travelled wizard named Helena Mandrake, who spoke of an order of learned monks well versed in medicine. Some of them were capable of manipulating the energy of their own bodies to the extent of purging poisons and diseases at will. Several years ago she had stayed as a guest to document their lives but was unable to fit in, finding their pace of life frustrating; almost as frustrating as the rambling allegory that answered her simple questions about the monks’ techniques and beliefs.

Khenbish and Ganzorig travelled to the mountain range that cradled the Monastery of the Genesis Flames, resting in the village tavern at the mountain’s root before climbing the 999 steep steps to reach it. The dragonborn guardians took the couple to the elder monk Nurnao, an old elven healer. She spent many days studying the child, speaking with the other monks and with Kalen Ra herself. At the end of it the couple were faced with a choice; let their ravenchild live out her short life with them, or let her go, get trained as a monk, and perhaps master the techniques that could let her heal herself.

Her parents left the monastery, one of them carrying a vile secret; that a pact was made to sustain the foetal child. That her congenital defect was not the only thing draining away her life and bringing bad dreams. That an otherworldly patron has its teeth in her soul.


Her parents had not named her, so as to make it harder for the Ravenqueen to find her. In honour of this Kalen Ra gave her the name Ominakna – which means nameless in Draconic. She was the only non-dragonborn infant in the monastery at the time, so she was raised alongside them by the monks, with Nurnao as her primary carer. She was bright and quick for a human, but often lonely as her scaly peers developed at nearly twice her speed, and their rough and tumble hurt her human skin.

She learned gradually about her strange condition (a heart problem that left her coughing and weak) and its management (a disgusting tonic) from Nurnao, and about pathology in general too (Ominakna loved to read and Nurnao had a fairly extensive collection on a fairly limited number of subjects).

Ominakna was far too young when she started being trained as a monk. But with her life on the line she had ample motivation to study hard.


  • Kalen Ra: The ancient philosopher likes to check in on Ominakna occasionally. She often asks for her when the monks are grooming her and asks how her studies are going.
  • Nurnao: A senior monk and renowned healer. Her skin is very pale blue, and like all the genesis flame monks she shaves her head and has gold dragon tattoos all over. She’s about 700 years old, but still going strong. She was the primary carer for Ominakna as an infant and toddler, and still her primary source of comfort when everything gets a bit too much. As an ancient healer in a society primarily of short-lived dragonborn and humans she has developed an acceptance of death, capable of maintaining strong relationships, and letting go of them again without regret. Because of this she can love and comfort Ominakna without desperation or sorrow, which lets Ominakna in turn relax and be herself. Though Ominakna no longer lives with her (bunking with the other monks instead), their relationship is still close to that of a parent and child. Nurnao is not her original name, and means ‘Unwise’ in Draconic, to represent that there is always more to learn.
  • Zhren: A powerful master of energy flow techniques. Zhren is also a poet and sculptor – working primarily in stones such as marble. He uses sculpture heavily in his lessons on flow. He is a human with mid-brown skin and light-brown eyes flecked with gold. He is patient in a slightly aloof way. Most of his lessons involve repeating a task until a breakthrough is made. Learning energy flow techniques requires a special synchronicity between mind, body and spirit that must be discovered for oneself.
  • Abbess Hofiba: A human with dark brown skin and dark brown eyes. Her name means ‘fool’. The name was given to her by Kalen Ra after a particularly protracted argument over the nature of a soul, and Hofiba kept it. Hofiba has lived an unnaturally long time for a human, and still resembles a middle aged athletic woman. Her duties to the monastery have made her a distant figure to Ominakna.
  • Schakri Arytiss: A dragonborn with golden-red scales, a tooth missing and a perpetual grin to show it off. Schakri is the closest thing Ominakna has to a peer and friend. The two spar and play lanceboard regularly together. Schakri is training as a paladin.
  • Dillan Korbyn: The barkeep and landlord of the Geltwurm; the tavern in Monastery Village at the foot of the mountain. He’s an old dwarf raised among humans, he’s a little more patient and humorous than many of his species, but still obstinate. He manages much of the food trade for the monastery and handles the pilgrims. The younger monks often visit Dillan to carry food and take visitors on tours up the mountain. Dillan absolutely hates climbing the steps; they are rather unfriendly to shorter legs.

A bald headed monk girl with gold dragon tattoos on her head just chilling with a spear

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