Brother Jacobi

Pastoral cleric of Chauntea and former Hospitaller.


Age – 35
Cleric of Chauntea
Armour Class – 14 = 10 + 3 [chain shirt] + 2 [wood shield] -1 [dexterity]

Ability Score Mod Saving Throw
Strength 13 +1 +1
Dexterity 9 -1 -1
Constitution 15 +2 +2
Intelligence 14 +2 +2
Wisdom 16 +3 +5
Charisma 10 0 +2

Proficiency Bonus = +2

Skill Ability Trained Skill Modifier
Acrobatics Dex - -1
Animal Handling Wis - +3
Arcana Int - +2
Athletics Str - +1
Deception Cha - 0
History Int - +2
Insight Wis + +5
Intimidation Cha - +0
Investigation Int + +4
Medicine Wis + +5
Nature Int - +2
Perception Wis + +5
Performance Cha - 0
Persuasion Cha - 0
Religion Int - +2
Sleight of Hand Dex - -1
Stealth Dex - -1
Survival Wis - 3

Lores – Psychology and Herbalism

Hitpoints = 10
Speed = 30

Initiative modifier: -1 = -1 [dexterity]
Attack (handheld / thrown): + 3 = + 1 [strength] + 2 [proficiency]
Attack (missile / finesse): + 1 = -1 [dexterity] + 2 [proficiency]
Insight (passive): 15 (20 with advantage)
Investigation (passive): 14 (19 with advantage)
Perception (passive): 15 (20 with advantage)



4 Cleric spells daily PLUS Domain spells:
Create or Destroy Water
Detect Evil and Good
Detect Magic
Detect Poison and Disease
Guiding Bolt
Healing Word
Inflict Wounds
Protection from Evil and Good
Purify Food and Drink
Shield of Faith

Bless [domain spell]
Cure Wounds [domain spell]

Brother Jacobi can Channel Divinity twice.

Proficient with Medium and Heavy Armour

When using a spell to restore hit points the recipient regains 2 + the spell level hit points.

Chain shirt [medium; + 3 AC; max dex + 2]
Wooden shield 2 AC]
Mace [
3 to hit; 1d6+1 bludgeoning]

Herbalist’s Kit
Healers’ Kit

Holy Symbol – Wooden

Flint and steel
Mess kit
Rations (1 day) x 5
Waterskin x 1

Personality trait – I am fiercely protective of the sick and injured, standing between them and ridiculous odds no matter the threat.

Ideal – Knowledge. The means to save lives and end suffering. A chance to learn is a chance to help people.

Bond – My order guides and shapes my path and my works

Flaw – I find myself easily distracted by interesting problems and new things to study and learn.


Brother Jacobi started out as the son of a farmer in the Dalelands, planting and harvesting fields of golden grain under the auspices of Chauntea. But eventually he heard the call to wander.

Jacobi, being a naturally curious young man with a kind and caring disposition, headed to the Halfling Monastery in Laedry to become a novice under the father abbot. He studied hard and well, taking naturally to the study of herbs and natural medicines. He remained, happily in the monastery for several years until news reached him of the knights preparing to go forth from the local area to battle the evil red Wizards in their far-away kingdom. With the blessing of the father abbot, Brother Jacobi packed his bag and headed out.

Brother Jacobi never intended to fight and slay, but to heal and protect. He would charge fearlessly into battle behind the armoured knights and men-at-arms to drag the wounded into cover and tend their hurts. With the end of the conflict, Brother Jacobi returned to the Monastery, plagued by the pain and horror he’d seen on a magical battlefield. Seeking the blessing of his superior, he headed out into the world to help others in pain.

Important people:

Father Abbot Kabonn – The Father Abbott is a gentle but stern soul, much devoted to the care of the local people, his monks and the monastery that houses them in that order. He disapproves of adventurism abroad, but will not stand obstinately in the way of a brother who feels the call to aid those in distant lands. He appreciates Brother Jacobi’s herbalist skills but feels he should devote more time to those and prayer rather than dipping in to all manner of other subjects and wasting his time.

Sheriff Barnabus – The Sheriff and lawman of the local area around the monastery. A stout, gruff halfling who spends most of his time dealing with drunkards and petty theft, he sometimes turns to Brother Jacobi for counsel when faced with a particularly difficult case.

Brother Mirrin – A junior of the order who assists Brother Jacobi in his medical duties, serving as orderly and general gopher. He looks up to Brother Jacobi for his knowledge of healing and his devotion to good works and assisting others however he’s something of a traditional halfling homebody who has no desire to stray from his kitchen garden.

Jafaz – A wandering trader Brother Jacobi knows from his Hospitaller days. He tends to pass through Laedry on an occasional basis but always stops in at the monastery for a chat with his old friend and to drop off some odd herb or rare plant that Brother Jacobi has expressed interest in.

Squire Julian – One of the Knights Brother Jacobi rode out with in his Hospitaller days. A large, jolly soul, the squire retired to his own pleasant tavern on the border west of Laedry. He’s several days travel from the monastery but Jacobi still tries to visit whenever he can if only to chat about old times.

Brother Jacobi

Heirs to Shadow Hexapuma